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Marissa Nel & Associates boasts a committed and experienced team dedicated to improving the mobility and quality of life of our patients, with a firm focus on reliability, accessibility and equitable service delivery.

Who We Are

Marissa Nel & Associates is a full service orthotic and prosthetic facility. We endeavour to deliver the highest quality orthotic and prosthetic care to the physically challenged communities we serve.

We are committed to the quality and sustainability of what we do, always delivered with heartfelt compassion and empathy for our patients.

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We provide prosthetic care and rehabilitation in a beautiful environment in Hogsback. With a focus on individual care we ensure that each patient is attended to with the utmost dignity and kindness.

We offer a perfect setting for the fitting of artificial limbs after amputation. Patients benefit from the calming environment and supportive team, allowing them to adapt to their new form of mobility in their own time.

The onsite Prosthetists take care of the measuring, manufacturing and fitting, ensuring a comfortable fit for patients to achieve maximum independence.

Prosthetics Fitted

Lives Changed

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Awesome Staff

"Marissa and her team work tirelessly to not only assist their patients with their mobility needs, but also to create awareness and open doors for those with disabilities, thus ensuring an inclusive society"

Joy Scholl

"Marissa has helped me a lot and changed my life completely, because now I see myself looking like the other children, and being able to do things that a able bodied person can do. Marissa has really supported my family and I."

Ubukho Mpothulo

"Marissa and her staff, always put you first! You get the care, expertise and professionalism that you require"

Jean-Paul Veaudry

"I am very excited as now I can visit my family and friends. Thank you to Marissa Nel & Associates for changing my circumstances, you have made a huge impact on my life."

Ntombizene Gidi

"I am so satisfied with my experience MNA, not only did they make me feel so welcome, they do their jobs with love, passion and precision. My prosthetic leg is now my most valuable possession and it has been made so beautifully it looks like a real leg. Marissa you and your team have made me so happy, I can walk again and I am once again looking forward to life. I am so very grateful."

Charmaine Ungerer