Mobility Devices

Wheelchair Options, Seating and Hip Abduction Orthosis for CP Children

Wheelchair Options

We assist with the correct wheelchair for you by doing a proper evaluation of your needs, your ability, your work, and home environment and most importantly your posture and by taking precise measurements.

We supply various wheelchair and accessory options:

Wheelchair Seating

We do specialized wheelchair seating when a wheelchair is issued to a patient, to ensure the patient is seated correctly in the wheelchair and the wheelchair is setup uniquely for the patient. Correct seating in the wheelchair is very important as the patient spends the whole day in the wheelchair. Correct seating will enhance the patient’s posture, mobility and comfort in the wheelchair. Incorrect seating may lead to poor posture which may result in postural deformities like Scoliosis in the back. Pressure sores may occur due to incorrect seating if the wheelchair is too big and the patient, for example needs to lean to the one side to reach the armrest.

We do specialized wheelchair seating for CP Children, to assist with optimum support and correct trunk control to prevent further deformities.

Hip Abduction Orthosis for CP Children

Children with Cerebral Palsy are typically seen with Scissor Gait, where the legs cross at the knees. A hip abduction orthosis can be worn from childhood into adulthood, to prevent crossing of the knees and allow for more stable sitting and standing, due to the broader base created at the feet as a result of the abduction pads used.

For all users of this orthosis, the improved pelvic symmetry, improved trunk control, and increased freedom of knee movement supports a more physiological gait. Users of all ages will need to expend less energy to cover greater distances while wearing a Hip Abduction Orthosis. For patients in wheelchairs, wearing this orthosis will not only gain a wider seating position but will also gain greater freedom for their hands, making it easier to eat, play, write, or use electronic devices.

The orthosis can also be easily worn with lower leg orthoses such as an AFO.