Our qualified team of Prosthetists are trained to successfully fit and supply products and components from all Global Prosthetic manufacturers.

Each prosthetic user has individual needs, we consider all your unique requirements to formulate a suitable, personalized product solution adapted to individual needs and circumstances.

Pre-Prosthetic Management

Post-Operative Solutions

The Rigid Dressing immobilises, protects and controls post-operative oedema in the transtibial residual limb immediately following transtibial amputation surgery.

Immobilisation and oedema control are achieved by providing a firm dressing formed to match the volume and shape of the residual limb.

The immobilisation will assist in prevention of contractures by restricting knee flexion. Effectively constraining and matching the volume of the residual limb will prevent an increase in oedema following surgery. Containing the residual limb provides protection from discomfort, caused by bed trauma or possible falls during early rehabilitation.

Post-Op Liners

Post-Op liner is used for compression therapy. The Post-Op liner features an Easy Glide coating that makes donning and doffing easier.

Early treatment with an Post-Op liner has been shown to assist early mobilization and speed up the wound healing process of the residual limb.

This makes it possible to provide the amputee with a prosthesis at an earlier stage, leading to less dependence on medical staff.

Prosthetic Socket Technology

Design and Manufacturing of Prosthetic Sockets

The prosthetic socket is the primary and most critical component of a prosthesis, and therefore a good, comfortable fit is required to ensure a positive outcome is achieved. The socket has to have adequate load transmission, to ensure stability, control and comfort.

Different processes of manufacturing a prosthetic socket are available. The conventional method of socket fabrication begins with taking measurements and a negative cast of the residual limb. The cast is filled with plaster to create a positive mould. The positive mould is then modified to optimize the socket fit. The socket is then laminated using carbon and resin to create the custom socket. This is referred to as the definitive socket.

New Direct Socket Technology

Our team has vast experience in the manufacturing and fitting of the enhanced Direct Socket Technology which has replaced the Modular Socket System.

From start to finish, the Direct Socket System can be fabricated and fitted to transtibial and transfemoral patients. The simplicity and efficiency of fit makes it the perfect solution for any setting.

Direct Socket prosthesis using the direct lamination method, with new improved material choices and improved fabrication technique can be utilised with different suspension solutions.

Prosthetics solutions and products for different levels of amputation

Prosthetic Solutions

We are committed to helping people to improve their mobility and with a huge amount of empathy, to assist those with limb loss to feel safe and confident again. As qualified Prosthetist’s, we are best suited to analyse patients needs and make product recommendations. We help match products both with user needs and other prosthetic components to propose the best suited prosthetic solution for you.

Together with our trusted component manufacturer, we have gained confidence from years of experience knowing certain devices are designed and tested to suit specific needs and will work in harmony to support the best possible solution.

Breast Prosthesis

Our team is committed to assisting our patients to feel confident, fashionable and comfortable as a woman.

We want our patients to have the necessary comfort and support that a good prosthesis and prosthetic bra should provide.

Our female lead team is available at all our branches to attend to all your breast prosthetic needs empathetically and discreetly.

We supply the following Breast Prosthesis in the following 4 categories:

Post-surgical – This prosthesis is utilized once a mastectomy has been done. It is made from soft foam with a cotton covering which is used after surgery as it is extremely lightweight. 

Lightweight – Silky soft lightweight prosthesis made of silicone that is utilised as a more long-term solution. 

Traditional – Prosthesis that is also made of silicone but has a bit more weight added to it. 

Swimming – Prosthesis used for swimming only as it is hollow allowing water to run off and prevent pooling. 

We supply a wide variety of Trulife Prosthetic bras in the following categories:

Post-Operative / Recovery Bras

Perfectly Seamless

Stylish Fit

Shaped Support

Our comfortable Bras offer different styles including:

Soft Cup / Padded



Thin / Thick Strapping

Breast Prosthesis options and cleaning instructions