Due to our pensioner patients being categorized as high risk during COVID 19, all our mobile clinics had been rescheduled for a later date as a precautionary measure to avoid the pensioners having to use public transport to reach the clinics, as this would expose them to greater risk.

We contacted all our Eastern Cape pensioner patients scheduled for April and May clinics to explain the situation to them and reassuring them of our commitment to their safety and wellbeing. Some of the pensioners with minor needs could be rescheduled for when conditions are more favourable, however some of them reported more serious challenges and required urgent assistance.


Service and assistance at patient’s doorstep

Following very stringent and strict safety measures we embarked on a new journey by taking services and support to our high-risk pensioner patients straight to their front doors.

Upon arrival at the pensioner homes, we conducted a pre-screening process, once this was completed and no symptoms or risk was recorded, we commenced with the assessment.


Adding additional value to the pensioners and their families

Access to water remains a challenge in most rural areas in the Eastern Cape and it is difficult to maintain good hygiene, regular washing of hands and following the basic COVID-19 hygiene rules required.

All pensioners visited were supplied with a Mini JoJo tank and soap enabling them to wash hands regularly. They were also provided with a face shield to protect them, and cloth masks were provided to their family members.

The team embarked on a skills transference campaign teaching the pensioners to practise personal hygiene and regular washing of hands. We provided printed posters outlining the importance of good hygiene which we encouraged the family to put up in their homes to instil the understanding.


Making the best of an imperfect situation.

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to set ourselves apart with the actions we take to serve and assist our pensioners and other high-risk patients during these challenging times.

We had an opportunity to make the best of an imperfect situation, it was an opportunity to demonstrate our compassion, kindness, and commitment to help our pensioners.

Putting humanity first during times of crisis, inspires loyalty. Our pensioners will remember how they were treated and cared for when they were most vulnerable.