|   September 2, 2016  |  by Guest PR Filed Under: Health

Rand Mutual Assurance wishes to congratulate its prosthetics and orthotics partner Marissa Nel on her achievement of being recognised in the Entrepreneur category of the 2016 Regional Business Achievers Awards (RBAA) recently.

“Marissa is indefatigable in the work she does, bringing enhanced mobility, better quality of life and improved prospects to people who face various physical challenges,” says Dr Deodat Kritzinger, General Manager: Medical of Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA).

“Not only does Marissa’s passion infuse every aspect of her work, it is infectious and inspires her staff, RMA employees, and – above all – our claimants and their families. We congratulate Marissa on her achievement and reiterate our thanks for the excellent service Marissa Nel & Associates renders to our claimants,” he added.

Marissa Nel & Associates assists RMA with its prosthetic and orthotic services for its seriously injured claimants who have been injured on duty, including annual reviews. They also provide the prosthetic and orthotic expertise to the RMA Mobile Clinic, which takes these services to RMA beneficiaries in rural and hard to reach areas. The RMA Mobile Clinic, launched 11 years ago, travels around South Africa and neighbouring countries including Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana etc. to provide medical support and perform the necessary maintenance and repairs for RMA claimants living in remote areas.

“Marissa’s contribution to the lives of RMA beneficiaries is valuable beyond measure. With the improved mobility and capacity for independence that her company’s products provide, many individuals feel a renewed sense of self and that it changes their outlook for the better,” Dr Kritzinger observes.

Nel says that she feels humbled by the recognition bestowed on her by the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa, which hosts the awards. “This award represents a great achievement, not only for my business but in terms of the meaningful changes we have been privileged to make in the lives of others. Our capacity to help people to extend their own capabilities has been hugely expanded thanks to Rand Mutual Assurance and its lasting commitment to its beneficiaries,” she says.

“I am dedicating this award to people with disabilities who have overcome personal difficulties and made their own miracles happen. I have come across so many individuals who have worked incredibly hard in their daily lives to challenge stereotypes of what can be achieved when one lives with a physical impairment. If our services can help to improve people’s lives, that is the greatest reward I could hope for,” Nel adds.

Dr Kritzinger indicated that RMA is proud to partner with a small business such as Marissa Nel & Associates. “At RMA we are gratified when we have the opportunity to work with small enterprises and those owned and run by women and other individuals representing formerly-marginalised groups, particularly when they share RMA’s commitment to improve the lives of others,” he notes.

“Marissa’s level of dedication to our claimants, who suffered disabling occupational accidents, was recently demonstrated yet again during our annual RMA Mobile Clinic trip to Malawi. The rapport she has developed over the years with so many of the people whose prosthetics she services, speaks volumes about the personal touch she brings to her work. Well done to Marissa and her dedicated, and committed team,” Dr Kritzinger concluded.