As part of our Mozambique Mobile Prosthetic clinic in 2019 where we visited victims of mine injuries, we embarked on a skills training programme to improve the quality of life of people with disability in the area.

Beneficiaries were selected from the patients we supplied prosthetic and orthotic services to. The main goal for this training course was to provide basic welding skills for the beneficiaries providing them with the opportunity to learn a new skill and therefore the ability to start a small business.

We facilitated a Basic Welding Skills Course which included the following modules:

Safety First
• Safety gear necessity
• Common dangerous situations

Basic Measuring
• Cutting 90 and 45 degrees
• Preparation of welding material

Basic Welds
• Setting machine amps
• Striking of rod skills training

• Measure, cut and weld basic furniture pieces (tables and chairs)

The course was presented over three days which included a theory element as well as practical training. The participants manufactured a table which they were all immensely proud of. On the successful completion of the Course, we awarded the participants with attendance certificates.

We also provided each of the participants with equipment necessary to start their own small businesses, which included:
• Welding machine
• Grinder
• Welding Helmet
• Gloves
• Ear protection gear
• Safety glasses
• Leather aprons
• Welding rods and additional discs

We are proud of the following participants who successfully completed the training course:
• Melardo – Above Knee Amputee
• Orlando – Bilateral Below Knee Amputee
• Jonas
• Bartlomeu
• Sancho – Below Knee Amputee
Our ethos is to positively improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. We were delighted to sustainably achieve this goal through the skills transference provided and assistance to earn an income through the entrepreneurial tools supplied.

Skill Development Programmes offer disabled persons a chance for a better life with self-reliance, food security and an improved quality of life.